The farm is located in the place of Barbedo, in the parish of Caniçada, municipality of Vieira do Minho, Braga.

This farm was for many years under the burden of caretakers who lived in the houses, already centuries old, and tended to the fields, working them.

Among the various attempts to rescue the rustic heritage of the farm, the idea of what might be a small rural tourism business. The idea emerged from the draft, followed by several successive projects of improvement.

The work, begun in 1998 and ended in 2002.

Currently the farm is under some small works of refinement of diverse green space environment, to improve the quality of the stay of the visitors.

New and more extensive pedestrian green spaces, spaces for sports activities, fishing pond, a quiet and cozy interior with games, quizzes and articles and boreholes in rural exposure, are some of the projects that we intend, not very long term, materialize.

Located in a quiet surrounding with large green areas and 2 km from Caniçada dam, the farm Barbedo is a tranquil and pleasant.

For a holiday relaxed and Mitigating restlessness and nervousness of the day, where time and pleasure are mixed in a calm and pleasant result of willingness to allow an awakening, our, to nature.

A stunning and lush green space within a bucolic, rural setting, where the rules by which men and time are governedare essentially imposed by nature.


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